Wolfdance Design™ is an umbrella group covering my varied artistic interests and enterprises. The Wolfdance Design site exhibits a representative collection of my architectural concept designs and my landscape art.

  1. In the late 1960's and early 1970's I began designing housing with less than 700 sf. I built several compact rental townhomes on my own when lenders refused financing, dismissing the homes as too small and without sales potential. Those were doomsday predictions without merit. The units have been fully occupied since the doors were open, and there's always a waiting list.

That start eventually led me to devising a broad spectrum of unique and practical designs for successful townhome, small home, log home, resort, casino and hotel projects.

I continue developing an extensive portfolio for small, affordable homes, townhomes and condos (you'll find a brief selection on this website).

They reflect my belief in the smaller housing idea, the concept that attractive, efficient, compact, environmentally friendly housing makes sense for a large segment of the population.

Small size, not mall size

Although my townhomes are relatively modest when compared to conventionally sized housing, they're neither cramped nor humdrum. They're fun, affordable, full of personality, and they meet the modern living demands for singles and couples who haven't yet or don't intend to amass quantities of material possessions.

  1. I’m always refining my designs to reflect technological innovations and lifestyle alterations. For example, 2-car parking is an essential feature for many dwellers, even in homes of 700 square feet. While a double garage may not be initially affordable, the design allows for easy expansion later.

Times change, but the demand for smaller, unique housing continues to grow. My designs have been integrated into hundreds of townhomes in the Midwest. And, shortly, they'll also be incorporated in small, single-family homes.

Elevations and floor plans are available under license

to qualified contractors, builders and architects.

Architectural Concepts

Landscape Art

Above is a 5-plex in Tioga, North Dakota, in the heart of the Bakken Oil Play.


Landscape Art:  My main avocation is watercolor art that reflects my fascination with the American West and the prairies. I draw in miniature, then greatly magnify the reproductions. My works have been in galleries and shows in Colorado, California, Iowa, and the Dakotas and in homes across the United States, as well as Norway, Germany and Japan.